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Analysis of Chinese printing and packaging industry
Source:Printing industry | Author:Apple | Published time: 2023-04-15 | 353 Views | Share:
Review and summary of China's printing Internet market in 2022, industrial Internet situation and future development trend of printing enterprises will be discussed in this article.

Review and Summary of China's printing Market in 2022


1. Pattern exploration is mature


At present, the development mode of the printed Internet is basically fixed, which can be generally classified into three categories:


First, supply chain optimization model for large customers. The front end receives large orders, and the back end integrates supply chain resources for centralized procurement and distributed production, so as to realize the production and delivery of enterprises nationwide.


Second, the channel optimization model for small, medium and micro customers. They take orders online and offline, centralized self-production or outsourcing collaborative production, expand the integration of supply chain resources and order channels, and achieve maximum market coverage, representing enterprises such as Century New Century.


Third, service breakthrough mode for specific needs. Such enterprises start from segmentation, accurately position themselves in certain special groups or fields, and provide them with small but beautiful experience and professional services to form differentiation advantages. For example, in the field of prepress design, there are bags and boxes, maker stickers, and pictures, etc.


2. The popularity of custom packaging continues


As consumers' demand for personalized customization grows, it is difficult for some brands and small stores to order mass packaging; At the same time, under the influence of the environment, merchants have high risks of hoarding goods, and small-batch ordering has gradually become a business requirement. Small-batch customized packaging is more popular. At present, small batch custom packaging is widely used in coffee and tea drinks, baking, catering, beauty, consumer electronics, gifts and other industries.


In addition, with the explosive development of domestic e-commerce ecology and new brands of domestic products, the demand for packaging design and printing of enterprises is rising rapidly, and packaging printing has become an important power point and growth point of the printing Internet. More and more printing enterprises cut into the field of packaging printing.


3. The digitization process continues to deepen


Printed Internet initially appeared in the form of an e-commerce platform to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the traditional printing production process, so as to realize the information matching between the demand side and the production side. With the development of printing Internet, as well as the deep integration with traditional production enterprises, it has in turn promoted the improvement of the information and intelligent level of traditional production enterprises.

 Printing enterprises began to layout industrial Internet


The first is supply chain synergy. Enterprises began to transform the supply chain with digitalization and Internet technology, and enabled suppliers and cooperative enterprises to interact and cooperate more closely with all related parties of the supply chain.


The second is service enhancement. Some enterprises begin to use the Internet platform to reach the user end, so as to create a good experience environment for customers to participate in the whole life cycle of product design, production and service, so as to improve customer viscosity and loyalty. For example, Artron can provide an Internet mall service based on the art cloud printing platform for small enterprises at the B end of the art class or professional users at the C end. Users can not only purchase or customize a variety of art products online, but also use the editing tools of the online design system to realize the production of customized album and other personalized products.


Then there is digital management. Some enterprises integrate the Internet information technology into the highly automated production line, through the information transformation of the production and management process, improve the production efficiency and fine management level of the enterprise.



Future Development trend -- Path selection of printing + Internet


In the last part, let's look forward to the integration of the printing industry and the Internet. In fact, what we are discussing is no longer the development of printing e-commerce or printing Internet enterprises in a narrow sense, but in a broader sense, how to integrate, integrate and innovate the printing industry with the Internet, cloud computing, big data and other digital technologies to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading.


We can see that platforms, printing enterprises and manufacturers, as the main players, have carried out exploration and model innovation in industrial Internet application in recent years, and gradually formed new models and new business forms such as platform-based design, intelligent manufacturing, personalized customization, networked collaboration, service-oriented extension and digital management.